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Mint Easy Shave Oil byPureNaturals

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Benefits of Mint Easy Shave Oil byPureNaturals:
  • This Ayurvedic blend helps to soften the beard.
  • It deeply nourishes the beard area.
  • Free from chemicals, parabens, and petrochemicals.
  • Eco-friendly packaging.

byPureNaturals Easy Shave Oil prepares your beard for a close & comfortable shave by enabling a razor glide while shaving. It helps your daily shave in three areas: prepare, repair, and care of your skin by applying it before shaving

  • The organic pre-shave oil hydrates your skin that protects against shaving irritation and razor burn. The oil (applied before shaving) locks moisture and provides a smooth, silky shave.
  • Ideal for men with tough or coarse beards, oily, dry, normal, or sensitive skin or prone to razor burn


  • HOW TO APPLY: Apply it before you use any hair removal product, e.g., before a shaving cream, shave soap, or shaving foam. Wet your face with warm water; massage one or two pumps in hand.
  • The pre-shave oil is an intoxicating and subtle mix of Tea tree, peppermint, grapeseed, jojoba, evening primrose, sesame, apricot kernel, vitamin E oils, Vegetable derived glycerin that reminds you of Sunday morning shaves at the barber. Shake well before use.
  • Comes with a convenient pump that allows maximum benefit with the least quantity.