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HairVit plus Organic Hair fall control supplement byPureNaturals

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Benefits of byPureNaturals hair fall control supplement:
  • Natural source of vitamin A, B6, E, C & D3
  • Strengthen hair growth, reduce thinning, promote natural shine and volume.
  • Helps maintain a healthy scalp & prevent premature greying
  • 10,000 mcg of Vitamin B, plant-sourced multi-vitamins for hair care.
  • Anti-Inflammatory action
Hairvit Plus HSN hair fall control supplements byPureNaturals: is a completely natural formula for hair fall control, skin and nail health.
Lack of nutrition is the biggest reason for premature hair fall. The combination of Multivitamins in Hair Vit Plus byPureNaturals helps to strengthen the hair fiber, inhibiting hair loss.
Hairvit Plus HSN hair fall control supplement is an exclusive complex containing vitamins, amino acids, and minerals.
It has anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, anti-oxidant, and re-balancing properties.

Best used along with Organic Hair fall control serum byPureNaturals.

    Natural extracts of:
    • Grape Seed Extract
    • Pea sprout extract
    • Various amino acids and minerals such as Iron, Copper, and Zinc
    • It curbs down hair fall by supporting adequate blood flow to the scalp and stimulating the hair growth, naturally.
    • High dose biotin helps in increasing hair growth and keeps various body tissues healthy.