Non-toxic Permanent Natural Hair Color

What is PPD and why use a PPD free natural hair color?

PPD is a chemical compound called p-phenylenediamine or Para-phenylenediamine and is popular in the formulation of various inks and dye products. It is an oxidative pigment used in the manufacturing of hair dyes to make dark colors such as black and dark brown. Even herbal henna of some famous companies use PPD without mentioning them.
Most cases of dermatitis are caused by the presence of substances such as PPD. This chemical is even present in tattoo ink, printer ink and Gasoline. Now, imagine applying this to your hair!!
During the process of making the dye at home, the PPD becomes partially oxidized. It is likely that this is the form of PPD that causes skin allergy. 
(You can read more about hair colour allergy here)

Who all should avoid products containing PPD?

Being a well-known allergen and a possible carcinogen ( cancer potential), it is best to avoid hair dyes containing PPD. More and more people are being diagnosed with PPD allergy as time progresses. It is preferable therefore, to test out a natural hair color and choose one that suits your needs best.
In European, North American and Asian general populations, 1 to 6% of all patients with dermatitis have been reported to be sensitized to PPD; these percentages rise to 38% to 97% in patients with hair dye dermatitis. (Reference: PPD hair dye and its allergies)

What is in the Natural Hair Color byPureNaturals?

byPureNaturals PPD free, non-toxic natural range of rich hair colors has been made to give you professional results at home. byPureNaturals Aequo Organic / Natural Hair Color is an Indo-French formulated hair color. Formulated in collaboration with Eric Favre Laboratories, France with more than 25 years of experience in Hair Dermatology. 
byPureNaturals Aequo Organic hair color is the safest available hair color widely recommended by dermatologists. It is currently available in 70+ countries.
Thanks to a gentle and nourishing emollient nontoxic base, that contains no gluten, no propylene glycol, no paraben, no sulfite, no SLS, no ethanolamine, no heavy metals, and mineral oils or artificial fragrance....and of course no PPD. It is a Certified Organic Cream Hair Color.

Some of these chemicals are usually present in other famous hair color brands and could trigger skin allergies. This is what is special about byPureNaturals Hair colour. Having suffered from hair color allergy, Our founder -director has spent years of research on developing chemical free hair color varieties for women and men alike.
Natural hair color
Does byPureNaturals natural hair color contain PPD?

We do not use para-phenylenediamine in our range of hair colorants, not even in our 1N and 2N black hair colors. Our colours are famous for the intensity of hair coloring and regenerative properties.

Need a more natural hair dye to cover grays?

byPureNaturals natural hair color is a biodegradable natural plant base hair color enriched with natural ingredients such as Argan oil, abyssinian oil, and jojoba oil.
The infusion of natural antioxidants and organic extracts such as vitamins E and C make this natural hair color stand out from the other hair colour brands!




Natural hair color ingredients
byPureNaturals natural hair color is the best permanent hair dye to cover gray and restore your hair to a tone that is natural looking, shiny and visibly healthier while naturally blending the gray away!
Our professional hair care line of products is handcrafted and researched in our collaboration laboratories in France and contains the highest quality natural and organic ingredients available on the market. All of our natural hair coloring products comply with the European Commission's strict ingredients regulation and have been tested and evaluated for safety and quality by 3rd party labs and are recommended by dermatologists for people allergic to PPD, gluten, sulfite, propylene glycol, paraben or people suffering from scalp/skin sensitivity to boxed color.
byPureNaturals natural hair color's PPD free permanent hair dyes are formulated for professional salon and home use.
6 nourishing natural looking shades that can be combined, to spark your creativity, and why not, start new trends! :)
Create stunning blonde platinum, rich dark browns or deep blacks. Without a bunch of nasty chemicals.
byPureNaturals natural hair color, a nontoxic permanent hair color system has been created originally in France by Eric Favre laboratories, an expert in natural ingredients and Master Hair Colorist with more than thirty-five years of experience in the salon industry. This has been modified and adapted to the Indian population in a collaboration between our companies.
Since 2000, byPureNaturals natural hair color has been consistently the best natural hair dye in performance and quality, gray hair coverage and condition of the hair after hair coloring.

Many people who were allergic to PPD or suffered from a sensitive scalp after using other hair color brands do not have an allergic reaction to byPureNaturals natural hair colors. We strongly recommend if you have a history of allergies to follow the "allergy patch test" instructions we provide.

Allergies surface over time with repeated exposure. It is still unclear what triggers allergic reactions.
byPureNaturals natural hair color, a permanent organic hair color system is based on the standard Level and Tone System and is available in 6 inter-mixable natural hair color shades. The color line is complemented by our range of Gel Activator Developer in 35 ml volume.
byPureNaturals natural hair color is not a temporary or semi-permanent dye, it is formulated for permanent gray coverage (even on hard to cover gray hair), and can also provide hair nourishing by use of its plant ingredients.
All of our colours are easily applicable and can be DIY at home.

Key Features of Natural hair color byPureNaturals:

Most people who are allergic to other brands do not react to byPureNaturals natural range of hair colors. Please follow the recommended allergy patch test, especially if you have a history of skin allergies.
byPureNaturals natural hair color is the only permanent hair dye of its kind in the world and has constantly been fined-tuned since 2000, and remains the clear alternative for uncompromising cosmetologists who want to go green and reduce their daily exposure to toxic chemicals.
So, don't wait until you or your customers suffer from allergies or a sensitive scalp to switch to the best hair color brand! Sign up and order byPureNaturals natural hair color today!
Hair color Pack:
byPureNaturals Aequo Organic Cream Hair Color Kit gives you long-lasting instant natural hair color while nourishing your hair. Color your hair naturally in only 35-40 minutes. With ingredients including Argan Oil & Absynth Oil, regular use of byPureNaturals Aequo Organic Cream Hair Color promotes hair growth and makes hair thicker. 
byPureNaturals Aequo Organic Hair Restructuring Serum creates a protective layer on the hair, keeping away the effects of pollution and dust particles. It comes with an ultimate frizz-free formula that instantly seals silky smoothness into hair cuticles. byPureNaturals organic regenerative hair restructuring serum gives your hair UV protection and extra shine.
byPureNaturals Aequo Organic Color Fixing Shampoo strengthens the color effect and enhances color stability. Its unique oil components strengthen the hair by adding elasticity to the strand and prevent hair breakage.

byPureNaturals Color Key Features:

  • Non-toxic permanent color
  • Made with natural and organic ingredients
  • Vitamins E and C
  • Professional Salon permanent hair colour delivers 100% gray hair coverage
  • Super conditioning and nourishing to the hair shafts.
  • Easily produces rich natural colors that blend the grey hair away with healthy and vibrant professional color results
  • With Argan oil, Abyssianian oil, and jojoba oil
  • No synthetic preservatives (we use 100% natural substances)
  • Available in 6 natural-looking shades that can be mixed together to create an infinity of new hair colors.
  • Rich in natural antioxidants
  • Create highlights, lowlights (up to 4 levels of lift in the professional line)
  • In a gel/cream/powder form for easy application
  • With silk, to strengthen the integrity of the hair shafts to prevent breakage and hair loss
  • No mineral oils
  • No heavy metals
  • No synthetic or artificial fragrance
  • No Sodium Laureth Sulfate free (SLS)
  • Gluten free hair color
  • PPD free (para-phenylenediamine free dye
  • Sulfite free (sulfur dioxide, or SO2)
  • Paraben free hair color as well as propyl-paraben free
  • Ethanolamine free
  • No formaldehyde residue (from the use of ethanolamine ingredient present as a substitute For ammonia in no-ammonia hairdyes)
  • Propylene glycol free hair dyes
  • No Phthalates
  • Cruelty-free / no animal testing
  • No extra additives needed
Natural hair color benefits
Since 2000, we have been using this product on people allergic to conventional hair colors who have had NO reactions to byPureNaturals natural hair color. Stylists who thought they would have to leave the hair coloring profession because of chemical sensitivities have been able to continue their art of hair coloring by using byPureNaturals natural hair color. The best proof of the quality of byPureNaturals natural hair color is in the satisfaction of our users!

byPureNaturals natural hair colour is gluten free, ppd free (p Phenylenediamine free), propylene glycol free and ethanolamine free as well as sulfite free, and paraben free. We use diluted aqua ammonia which is non toxic and will not leave any toxic residue on the hair unlike ammonia substitutes such as ethanolamine (which is toxic and always present in "no ammonia" hair dyes. It is also drying to the hair and triggers hair loss.)

byPureNaturals natural hair color does not test on animals.

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